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Boosting Senior Safety via Fall Prevention Strategies


As people’s ages increase, so does the risk of accidents and mishaps. Every year, over 3 million elderly people are rushed into emergency rooms after experiencing falls. Even more worrying is that one out of every five falls results in an injury, with fractured bones or a head injury being the most frequent.

Whether you wish to protect yourself or your senior loved ones from falls, allow us at Abba Health Services, a premier home health care in Marietta, Georgia, to provide you with a few crucial tips.

Here is a list of strategies you can employ that we, as experts in elder care, highly recommend:

  • Make an Appointment With Your Healthcare Provider

    Schedule a consultation with your primary provider to assess your risk and discuss fall prevention techniques. If you need help getting to and from your medical visits, you can avail of our companionship services.

  • Keep Moving

    Physical activity is beneficial in fall prevention by improving your strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Walking, water exercises, and tai chi are just a few activities you should consider.

  • Remove Home Hazards

    Look around your home for potential fall risks. With our sitter service, you can gain access to reliable staff who can assist you with safety measures. These include anywhere from removing obstacles from hallways and high-traffic areas and securing loose rugs, among many others.

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